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Vroooooooooom, went my dad’s saw while cutting through the tail of a Boeing 420 that had crashed just a week ago. My dad is named John. He was a pilot for Canada Airline’s in 2018. He now restores old planes and salvaged parts from planes that crashed or retired because of unfixable damage. I am Leo, his 22 year old son. I have short blond hair, and I just graduated from Berkeley. I also have an engineering degree!

    For the last few months I have been working with my dad preparing planes for take off, remodeling planes, and sometimes switching propellers or engines so they fly faster or are stronger. In my spare time I have been creating a new plane called the B760. I call it this because I have tried to create it 760 times and failed every time. Hopefully it doesn't become the B761 but I can’t be sure. With the modifications that I have added it will be able to fly for over seven hours going between 700 and 750 miles per hour. It will be able to hold around 2,000 gallons of gas.

The next day I finish the modified engine, propeller and wheels. Once I attach those to the plane, the only things that I have to work on is the cockpit  and the wiring that attaches it to the steering. Within the next few weeks I had finished my plane. I was now looking for a person to test it. It took a while to find someone to fly my plane because I am not a known organization. 

Once I found a person to fly my plane, I explained everything about it and all of its modifications. Unfortunately he chickened out. Probably because he didn’t trust one person to build an entire plane. Finally I found a Military Captain who took my plane to a plane testing academy to be tested. I was getting worried that no one had said anything about my plane because it had been over a month since they contacted me. Luckily I got a letter within the next week saying that they would buy my plane from me for over 2 million dollars. I accepted. 


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