Mar 20
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Solar Powered Utility Poll

Sometimes, I think to myself, "Is this a stupid idea?" Other times, I think "Wow, we really need this in our life!" To be truly honest, I don't even know if something like this would work, I just have visions of it all the time. A solar powered utility poll. It may sound crazy, but if we were to have these on all streets and around the world, I feel like climate change would drastically change for the better. Solar power is expensive, but with enough money raising I think it's something we should look into. The way I see it working, is having a poll going up, and a solar panel encased in some sort of wrap to keep it in place. The electricity the solar panel takes in, would then be transferred through wiring to a solar plant, and used as a primary source of energy. 

Think about it, regular power plants are a main contributor in climate change right now. I just think if someone can get this idea passed through, or find some way for it to work, then a big change will occur. This could be the start to a completely solar powered future, which is something I think our country needs! The main point of this invention, would be to prevent climate change. Again, I'm not sure if something like this would work, I don't know much about the mechanics that would have to go into something like this. All I know is that solar power is a great alternative to using electricity from power plants and things like that. And if we can find a way to make it work, then that would be pretty awesome.

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