Mar 20

Belligerents in the Bromacker

As the previous night’s storm abates, it leaves behind thick tendrils that cling to the low lying conifers and shrubs. By mid morning the clouds begin to retreat. With them the fog begins to lift, revealing a shaded figure atop the hillside.
A male Diadectes. Just over five feet in length, he is a simple creature, though robust and strongly built.
The coolness of the air leaves him sluggish, though his energy steadily increases with the rising of the sun. His stout, scaly fingers cling to the rough stones as hunger drives him toward a copse of young Annularia. There is a rustling in the plants ahead of him, clear and acute in the quiet mountain air. He stops as another Diadectes appears from among the branches. He is smaller in build, but confident in posture.
If anything, he almost seemed annoyed at the presence of the larger male, as if disturbed in the middle of a meal.
With an audible sigh the larger Diadectes moved forward, ready to face another opponent. What he would get out of the skirmish, he didn’t know.
All that mattered to him was the temptation of the fresh green plants.