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This workshop explores "voice" in writing. Voice expresses the narrator's or author’s emotions, attitude, tone, and point of view -- and it directly contributes to the tone and mood of the piece. Listen to other writers' voices -- and develop your own.

1. Click "RESPOND" when you're ready to write a creative anecdote (a mini-story or poem of just 5-10 lines) using a voice that clearly shows a mood, tone, personality. Use characteristics you found in famous authors' voices in What is Voice? If you're stuck for story ideas, try YWP's Weekly Writing Challenges for inspiration.
2. With the help of descriptors found in Developing a Voice, and without changing any of the facts or events in your mini-story, rewrite it using a different voice: Your own voice!
3. Read both stories out loud and -- if you like -- record them on your blog (Add Media > Audio Record.)
4. Remember to comment on other writers' responses to this workshop! Everyone loves feedback!

It's amazing how different a story can be, depending on the voice you use! Even slight variations in voice can change the story.

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