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"Homeish" in Cuba

YWP #2 Week 31 Home-ish in Cuba

Ava Kreiter ADL 

Age 12

A few weeks ago, I found a home in Havana, Cuba. I was so lucky to go along on a retreat with my Mom, my sister Noa, and my Dad. Noa, my Dad and I stayed in a house called a “casa” in Guanabo, very close to a retreat center named Mhai Yoga. 


My mom is a yoga teacher and she organized her fourth yoga retreat to Cuba at Mhai Yoga, and brought several other people from all over the world. The majority of the people who came were from New York City, but others were from Seattle, Wisconsin, Georgia, and even another was from South Carolina. One of my Mom’s students came all the way across the ocean, from Berlin, Germany!


One of the reasons that I loved Cuba so much was because of the people. When we were walking in the streets of Cuba, there were so many kind people that would just come up to you and ask you if you needed directions, or if you wanted a guide to a nearby restaurant. Even one of my new Cuban friends, named Rafa, said that he bet that anyone that I asked for directions would gladly help me find my way, because Cubans are known for being warm and friendly. This warm and friendly attitude made me feel like every Cuban was my friend—and I felt really safe and secure here. 


At Mhai Yoga, they took such good care of  my sister and I, and everyone else too. They made us delicious food, and I even liked the vegetables. They grow them all organically, because pesticides are illegal in Cuba!! One night at Mhai Yoga we had chili in a coconut! I’m normally not the biggest fan of food like that, but the flavoring and the freshness just put it over the top! 

Later that week the grown-ups had salsa class. Noa and I danced along on the side doing our own thing because we were a little too nervous to dance with the grown ups.  The next day, there was a second salsa class. This time the instructor said “Come on! Dance with us!” So I did! In fact, Noah the instructor was my partner! I had so much fun learning the basic steps and the harder ones too. I felt a little better that my Mom and Dad both were doing the class with me! 

Cuba was such a fun adventure! As I said before I feel safe in Cuba because at any time of the day at any hour, Cuba is safe and people are there to help you, and lastly because Mhai Yoga was there to take care of us. 

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