Mar 23
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My Little Invention

                                                                                       My Little Invention

    Howdy! I am Jeffrey and I want to invent something because it would be super coolI want to invent the coolest atv in the world. It would be called MarsFast Travel. Let me tell you, It would be fast! The top speed would be 90 mph! 

    The frame would be tough steel and the body color would be red and black. The engine would be a 400cc, 4 stroke engine. The tires would be 45 inches tall and it would come stocked with a snorkel, winch, plow and a plow mount. The plow, winch and plow mount would be made by Warn, a plow and winch company.

    The max pulling capacity for the winch would be 3,500 pounds and the max pulling power of the atv would be 5,500 pounds.The cost of the atv would be $35,987. would also be cheaper  to buy this package instead of putting the accessories on any other brands that I know of.

The ride of the atv would be very comfortable because of the shocks and suspension made by Fox. They would also be made to be comfortable and designed to race. This atv could be used for utility or sport. The fuel capacity would be eight and a half gallons. It would be a manual transmission with four wheel drive and seven gears.
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