Mar 23
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The Shooting Star

It was a beautiful starry night in the town of Barrepom, Kansas when Chloe and Ethan were playing outside. Mother called them in for dinner but they wanted to stay outside for just a bit longer. Chloe, an excellent student in school and a very sweet little girl and her brother Ethan, who struggles in school and can be pretty mean at times, both loved to play outside especially in the warmer months. The children had now been outside for over an hour and Mother was pretty upset as their food was getting cold. They were now laying on the luscious green grass just watching the stars, being fascinated by the shapes and constellations. As they were watching the stars they see what they think is a shooting star but not sure, a few seconds later they hear a big boom coming from a few streets over. They sneak through the house hoping that mother wouldn't notice them but surely she does. "And where do you think you're going at this time of night."  The children knew they were not going to be able to check out the boom. Mother made them do housework as a consequence for trying to sneak out. For Chloe, she had to scrub the entire house down and for Ethan, he had to clean his room, do all the dishes, and clean the bathroom. Once they finished their chores they were ordered to go to bed. They decided that they were going to try to sneak out again once Mother went to bed. The kids hear a door shut but it wasn't Mother's bedroom, it was the front door.  The kids took the opportunity to sneak out and went wandering the streets looking for any signs of where and what that noise came from. While wandering the streets, the children turned on to a dark and mysterious road. They heard some odd noises coming from a house a few houses down from where they were. The noises were coming from the backyard of the house, the children peeked over the fence and saw human-like figures standing in a circle chanting in a language the children had never heard before. All of a sudden they hear a familiar voice and see their mother come out of nowhere and change shape. The children could not believe their eyes. They decide that they should probably return home. On their way home, they see the same object that flew in the sky before. They ran as fast as they could to get home and get in bed before Mother returned. They struggled to fall asleep knowing that their mother is an alien. The children decide to never talk about what they saw again, and to this day nothing weird has happened again in the town and the kids returned to their normal lives.                 
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