Mar 24

The Social Distancing Journal: Excerpts

[Photo illustration, "Taking a Peek," by fitzgerg]
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We should do a 'social distancing journal' where every day or so we'll just continue a thread of comments about
what we've discovered... such as talking to inanimate objects - can't wait until they answer... including the cat.
- Treblemaker

social distancing log, 2/24/20
-- its 2am so there's no one to avoid
-- do ghosts count as people i need to avoid?
-- my stomach has started to talk, his name is jared and he hates my diet
- Abriatis

Day 8 of social distancing:
I have begun talking to inanimate objects. They do not talk back. Yet.
- New Leaf

I had a conversation with a lamp for half an hour. Similar results.
- LadyMidnight

Social Distancing Journal - 03/28/2020
- Went on a short hike with my family
- My brother had a spectacular fall in the mud
- Whenever we passed other people it was like to magnets with the same poles repelling each other
- I am officially obsessed with photography

SDJ 3/27/20
Went on a walk with my fam
sat and wallowed over a really sad book
listened to Lizzo
typed... A LOT
sort of kind of felt ok
realized i had coffee this morning and that's why i felt better
decides to have coffee every morning
relief comes with tiny writes
-fire girl

SDJ 3.26
-schlepped through online school. Its just sad I want to meet everyone in person again
- Made pizza to stay busy
-Ate pizza to stay busy
-Tried not to think about the world and its issue by binge watching tv shows
-Realized I actually have homework about ten minutes ago. Then came to YWP.