Mar 25
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The Cliff

    I run through the woods, my hands trailing on the foliage along the sides of the packed down trail. The trail had been used by me, my mother, and her mother, and so on and on. It led to a small magical place where I felt safe. It was the most beautiful place on earth. The only place where I felt I couldn’t be touched. As I got to the end of the trail I slowed my pace to a walk. I took a few moments before the end of the trail to notice the bright white lily’s lining the sides of the trail. They were almost glowing against the dark green ferns. Little spots of magic. 

    As I broke out of the woods I took in a deep breath and smelled the sweet salty air of the ocean. There it was. Everything I wanted. Just to stay here. There was a beach that raced for miles along the waterline. The giant rock that was pointed at the front, only a few shades darker than the sand. 

    I ran up to the rock and stood at the end staring at the ocean. It stretched for miles and miles with the starry sky reflecting on it. I lay with my back on the rock, my face gazing up at the stars. Even though my mother was gone she would always be here with me. When I was in this place everything was the way it was supposed to be. The way I wanted it to be. I smiled and closed my eyes and listened to the soft waves of the ocean hit the sand over and over. 
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