Mar 25


The snow crunches underfoot as I walk deeper into the forest
Just me and my camera, trying desperately not to feel lonely
Spring is almost here; soon the snow will all be gone
I lift my camera and focus on a particularly twisted tree
I smile, knowing that’s exactly how I feel
Continuing into the woods, I let my guard down
This is the only place that I allow it to fall
I feel safe by myself, even if it makes me a little depressed
Taking a deep breath, I lean against a tree
I close my eyes and feel the heat of the sun’s rays hit my skin
For a moment I let all my worries slip away
Forgetting about the life I live that’s falling apart
Right now, I just want to stop time
Feel the breeze blowing through my hair
Hear the birds chirp and the wildlife scurry around
I open my eyes and take another deep breath before walking away