Mar 25

How to Eat an Apple (an excerpt from my novel.)

   (An excerpt from my novel, Tone Vestige!)   

   Percy gazes up at the tree thoughtfully. What was it Neccei had said to him about apples? He ponders this for a moment, racking his muddled brain for the memory, then grins, hoisting himself up to the lowest branch. Yes, now he remembers, she had told him that the first bite of any apple is always the best bite. No joke, she had promised.

   What wonderful things Neccei always taught him!

   Percy climbs higher up into the tree, until he is eye-level with a large, red apple that looks quite delicious. He reaches up and picks it, balancing on a rather thin branch that is barely keeping him from tumbling to the ground. He takes a large bite out of the apple, his grin widening as it makes a satisfying snapping sound when his teeth sink into it. Neccei had been right!The first bite of this apple had been very enjoyable. 

   He loses interest, letting the apple fall the ten feet to the ground below. When it hits the grass with an audible thump, he looks down at it, feeling a bit guilty. He had just wasted the rest of that perfectly good apple! After taking just one bite out of it. How irresponsible! Well. He knows just what to do about that. He’ll just leave the apples on the branches when he takes the first bite out of them, so the bites can grow back! What a genius idea. He can even come back to this tree tomorrow and retake the first bites out of all these apples, if the bites will have grown back by then. 

   Percy chuckles to himself, convinced that he has just hacked food itself.

   It is now a good time to mention that Percy Anthony Planthony is far from being an expert on fruits of any kind, aside from knowing which ones he likes and which ones he doesn’t care for. So I guess one could say that he is an expert on despising peaches.

   Percy takes a bite of another apple, holding it in place with his hand yet not picking it from its stem, and his smile reappears. The first bites of these apples are so tasty! And he’s not even wasting any of them. How splendid! 

   He bites yet another apple, then another, and another, until all the apples he can reach from his place in the tree have bites taken out of them. He climbs higher, biting more apples on the way, until he finds himself quite high up in the tree, hidden in the leaves. He sits down on the thickest branch he can find that high up, frowning. He feels a bit sick to his stomach. How many bites had he taken?

   He looks down through the leaves at an army of bitten apples, and his frown deepens.

   He had climbed up fairly easily, but how on earth is he supposed to get back down?​
   Namikk drifts into the clearing, a sleepy grin sliding onto his face as he catches sight of the apple tree. "Heh." He takes a drag from a rather fat joint tucked between his fingers. The apples look like they have bites taken out of them. And is that the outline of a person in the high-up branches?
   He must be tripping harder than he thought.