Mar 25

My Eyes

My eyes are not yours to look into eternally.
My eyes are not yours to be be used at my expense.
My eyes will not help you see through your own blurry eyes.
My eyes will not look at you just because you look at me.

You can call them a mirror, a drug, something to forget with.
They'll make you an addict to the ocean.
My daughters of the sea, inset inside me.
Coming home after curfew, what impulses have you installed in them?

My eyes will not be tolerating your drooling and stares.
My eyes are not a big enough part of me to make me love you.
My eyes may look at you but that doesn't mean you own them.
I've been told blue is a regretful color.
and indeed many regrets lurk beneath my smiles and lashes
but my blue is not one of them.