Mar 26
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A Chance For Mars

    One day there was a sign while I was walking. I read the sign. The sign said someone could move to a planet. I went home and told my family about it. They said that was nice but I couldn’t move there. 

    The next day, I went back to the sign and read it again. In my mind I pictured how nice it would be if I could move to a planet. I went back home. I tried to tell my parents  of how nice it would be to move to a planet. I talked to them but couldn’t convince them.

    I tried but then got an idea. I told them that it was cheaper than buying a regular house. They believed me. I went to the building that was on the sign. The building was huge. I went inside and asked for the person that was making it possable to move to a planet. The guards at the front door brought me to him. 

    He said I could move to any planet. I decided to move to Mars. He said it would cost 1,000 dollars. I took the deal. It took me 2 months to move to Mars. It was very fun to move to Mars. The only thing is my family can’t come see me. I have to go see them. That is the story of how I moved to Mars.


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