Mar 26
poem 0 comments challenge: Starry

not so peaceful night

stars shine through 
a canopy of trees 
as a group of people 
walk on the shadows of the dark green leaves 
against the dark blue sky dotted with white lights
shining like candles in a dark room

the barely visible night sky looked like a Van Goph painting
the swirls of blue and yellows intertwined
with the dark greens of the trees

the peaceful canopy of trees 
and the swirling sky with stars like a flashlight in the dark 
could not hide the yelling
that could be heard from the group of people walking by

their sounds of distress echoed throughout 
the trees
as creatures of the forest scurry away from the sounds
disturbing their peace 

they are lost
walking for hours has brought them
no where closer to home
so they keep yeling
hoping that somehow

they will make it home
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