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The Day I Wanted to go to Mars

Hi, my name is Allyssa and I am 15 years old. One day I was getting ready for school. I was wearing a black sweatshirt with pink sweatpants. I also had on and pink and white shoes. My hair was in a ponytail. I was brushing my hair when my mom yelled for me to get the mail. I got the mail and went back inside. I went through it and saw a letter for me. But, I couldn't open it because I had to go to school. 

After school I opened the letter and it was a letter saying I would have a chance to go to Mars!

I didn't really know what to think because I never thought I would get a letter like this! A letter like this. 

                 The letter read: 

Dear Allyssa,

You have a chance to go to Mars on Saturday, April 6, 2020. You are the lucky winner!

Please email us back.

 From, The Aagency                                                                                         

I just didn't know what to think. I was in shock!

Of course ,I will have to ask my mom and dad. But, it's getting late. So, I'm going to ask  them tomorrow. I got ready for bed, but, I couldn't sleep. I was too nervous to ask my parents about me going to Mars. 

The next day, I had to ask my parents if I could go.  But, how? I think I’m going to just go right up to them and ask, “Can I go to Mars?” Yes, I think I will do that. 

Later that day, mom and dad got home from work. I knew it was time to ask them.

“Mom, dad, can I ask you something? “ 

“Sure.” tThey both said.

“Can I go to Mars?” I asked .“WHAT!” They yelled.

“Please.” I said, “ I think I’m old enough.

“No.” They answered. 

“But, please!” 

“ We said no.  “Give us two good reasons why you think we should let you go to Mars.” 

    “Well.” I said. I think I should because it’s a chance for me to learn to think.”

“Ok.” they said.

“Second, I think I should go because I need to learn how t    to live by myself sooner or later.” 

“You do have a point. Fine, you can go.” 

“Yay, thank you so much.” I said. 

So I got to go. And that’s how I persuaded  my parents into letting me go to Mars. 

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