Mar 26
poem 0 comments challenge: Lost
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Finally Free and Found

I look around, I see millions of unfamiliar faces.

None of them I recognize, but they all seem to know each other.

I am lost, in a sea of people that don’t care for me. 

No one reaches out with a friendly gesture, or even smiles at me.

No one asks me if I’m okay, even when a silent tear slips down my cheek. 

I shrink down, the world is too big and unknown for a young girl like me.

When all seems to be lost, a ray of sunlight breaks through the sheet of dreary sky.

At first it is dim, but it slowly gets brighter and brighter as it shines down on a familiar face. 

That face is the only thing that matters in the moment, a shining beacon amidst a dark cloud.

I run towards my savior, finally feeling free and found.