Mar 26
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My father was strict, he forced me to marry, a man who was not of my choice,
I sat there all day, sobbing away, I nearly had lost my voice.
But who should come along - my Lysander Love! He told me to worry no longer.
He set out to escape - into the woods, and evade my treacherous father. 
We got away, when just suddenly, Helena was right behind me!
She ran away, to force jealousy, upon poor Demetrius who loved me.
Of course he followed - to seek me out! For he longed to do his part.
But when I went to sleep, next to a running creek, I dreamed a serpent ate my heart.
I woke up to find that Lysander had left! I would never know why...
I ran to find him, a hammer in my heart, my eyes preparing to cry.
I came upon Lysander, crooning over Helena! Was she a friend or a foe?
She thought I mocked her - how silly of her! My anger she would never know.
I threatened and chased her - up a hill I raced her! - and yet she escaped from my grasp.
The boys ran away - to fight for their prey - and soon sleep found me at last.
I woke the next morn - filled with no hate or scorn- to realize I had only been dreaming!
Light as a bird - we followed the herd - laughing about our crude thinking.
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