Mar 26

Asphalt Ballet

One pair of purple sneakers
Jets attached, ready to launch.
One smoothly-paved hill
Asphalt rolling like a solid river runway.
One dreamy
Pastel, spring night
Someone drained the colors from this photograph.
One girl 
Eyes glazed over from staring at a bright, shiny, screen all day
Breathing in the fresh summer air like an icy glass of water.

She is more than ready
Now she is going.

She is sprinting down the hill
Pushing as hard as she can go against gravity
Flying towards the gray mother sky
Who reaches out arms to her, then tugs away
Teasing and daring her
To come farther 

She is faster than speed.
She is light.

She is flying
It is freedom
It is wind
It is joy

She loves the wind.
Her heart is bubbling up with joy.

It is laughter
It is crazy
It is stomping

It is dance.
Dance is this.