Mar 26
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The night was just beginning.
It has been a few long,
Hard weeks. 

A night of stargazing,
Is simply needed. 

I stare at the stars just thinking,
For hours. 
I think about my friends, 
And the beauty of nature. 

I cry as I think about our planet. 
How can something so beautiful,
Be mistreated by so many?

I cry because I don’t know,
How much more our planet can take. 

She is strong, 
And her fight intense…

But will my grandbabies,
Get to see the beauty I see now?

It was at that moment I saw something odd,
Far out in the sky. 

It didn’t look like a normal star,
It was bigger. 
In fact, it seems to be getting bigger. 

NO, I’m going crazy,
I’m just seeing things. 

Or maybe she is losing her fight,
Sooner than we all thought….
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