Mar 27
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The Ship

Izzy and I race around the yard. It’s sundown and we are trying to catch lightning bugs. We race and tumble until we fall. We laugh and roll around until our sides hurt. Then we just lay there and look at the stars. We point out the constellations we know. Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and Ursa Major. We name stars after people we know. But then something catches our eye. It’s moving with blinking lights. It’s not an airplane. It’s the wrong shape and moving way too fast. As it crosses the sky in front of us, it leaves a white trail behind it. We use our phones to zoom into whatever it is. It’s a really weird shape. It’s like a pyramid with a cylinder attached to the bottom. Neither of us have ever seen anything like it. We stay in silence, not knowing what to say, and then there is a huge flash of light.

Suddenly there’s something directly above us. The door of what must be a spaceship slides open. A huge light beams down and I black out. I wake up to a large creature standing above me. I’m strapped to a chair in an all white room. The creature has a big fat head with no neck and ten eyes. It has eight arms and is wearing some sort of white robe. Then I realize it's not standing, It’s floating! It hovers in a circle around me, just staring. I start screaming my head off, as though someone will hear me. Finally, it hits me. That thing, it’s an alien. Yes, an alien. And I’m on it’s ship! The alien stops hovering and moves to the side, and then I see Izzy in the same situation as me. 

The thing starts talking, surprisingly in english. Saying it’s not gonna hurt us, or experiment on us like in the movies. I’m too astonished to say anything, but I have so many questions. He talks about his planet in another galaxy, and what he was doing near earth. I manage to ask what he wants from us. He said that he knew we saw him and wanted to erase our memories so the others didn’t find out. Izzy and I exchange glances, and seem to share the same idea. We ask him if we can travel with him. Neither Izzy nor I knew if this was a good idea, but we did know we would never get a chance like this again. That’s the moment our lives changed forever.

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