Mar 27
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Please mom?

Dear mom, 

I know you said that this was a bad idea but just hear me out. Living on Mars costs half as much as it does on Earth! We get to grow our own food to eat, recycle our own oxygen, and have brand new jobs and skills to use! Now if this wasn’t persuasion enough, let me tell you boy does it get better. The brand new jobs are phenomenal! We get to help build housing for those that are planning on making the big move, go exploring in the deep material rich caverns that weave their way through the planet’s crust, and even explore above ground for new life forms and different places to build towns. There’s even better wifi and technology so we could keep in touch with grandma and grandpa when we move. Not to mention we could keep our very own slime ball as a new pet! No one really knows where the slime balls come from but they’re very low maintenance and it would be super easy to have one as a pet.

By now I hope to have taught you to look past the negatives such as, getting lost and slowly dying due to lack of oxygen, getting taken hostage by other life that may be unknown on this planet, and last but most certainly not least, having your housing get ripped up due to lack of gravity holding it down. There are also other dangers like Mars not being habitable but that one is not that big of a deal as long as we stay inside our bubble house or suited up.

    Now that you have heard all of my lovely and charming points, I look forward to hearing your response. When making your decision, just remember that I am your daughter whom you love very much and would do anything for. Anything hopefully including moving to Mars. Thanks mom so much for considering my offer and hopefully accepting.


Your favorite daughter.