Mar 27
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Into the Pine Woods

You’re outside, deep within the vast pine forest.
The earthy aroma is unmistakably there
And you can feel the ground’s texture through the soles of your shoes.
You run through the woods feeling like the carefree child you were years ago.
You finally stop in your tracks, breathing in the pine needle scent.
You look up and come eye to eye with the starry night.
A thick blanket covering the universe with tiny specks of twinkling light scattered across it.
Then there’s the moon who’s equally bright and equally as beautiful among his star companions. 
You notice how when the moon isn’t at his fullest light or greatest shape, the stars are always there waiting on him.
It doesn’t matter how many nights it takes for the moon to look his best in all his entirety,
The stars will still be there and until he does, they’ll still be there afterwards.
Now you stare in awe at what beauty the world provides us.
Something little that we overlook and take for granted.
A lesson here and there that the universe is trying to teach you.
Only if you choose to open your eyes and take a look.
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