Mar 29

A Strange Rendition of Julius Caesar

Once upon a time there was a really great guy.
Why was he so great?
Shush, he just was. People cheered when he came home victorious from war.
Oh no, that’s so sad. Who did he kill?
It’s not important to the story. The guy became really important, so some people plotted to kill him.
Wow, that escalated fast. Although I guess he killed someone else so…
Lots of people around the guy were trying to warn him something bad was going to happen. But he didn’t listen.
What kinds of people?
A random guy in a cloak on the street - 
Okay, why would he listen to them? I wouldn’t.
- and his wife. 
Oh come on, he’s so dumb he won’t even listen to his wife?!
So then all the people gathered together and stabbed him.
Woot! Good for them, stabbing a guy who didn’t respect his wife!
And then basically this other guy convinced everyone that the guy shouldn’t have been killed so the guys who killed ran away and there was a big war and everyone killed themselves.
Is this story called “Kill”?
No, it’s called Julius Caesar. 
Which guy was that? 
There are so many I don’t remember. Anyway, the lesson is to not be arrogant or ignore the smarter people or betray your friends or kill yourself or - 
Okay, obviously the people in this story were all stupid so why would we be like them?
I have no idea. Just go to bed.
About the Author: NiñaEstrella
“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” ― Oscar Wilde