Mar 31
poem 0 comments challenge: SHELTER

by and by

Under the shelter of my roof, 
hours bleed into days
days blend into months
and months blur into years
We ease into the simple monotony,
by and by

This home is the nest
in which my loving parents raise 
their three little chicks,
princess, blue jay, chickadee
One day each will set out on their own 
by and by

The wind snarls as it rushes past
snatching the raindrops that cling to the eaves
unable to blow down this house of bricks.
Inside, I nestle in a cocoon of blankets,
where I will fall asleep with an open book in hand
by and by

Regardless of the day I've had,
of what lies I've heard and said 
The worn key in my hand
still promises a safe haven
to which I always return 
by and by 

I've spent innumerable hours staring up,
not towards the renowed stars or the dazzling night sky,
but at the smooth ridges of this stucco roof
Wishing for dreams I dare not say aloud,
pondering the future that will come
by and by

by and by
time will take it's toll,
chicks will grow too big,
and storms will come and go
But here the girl's whispered wishes will stay
in the grooves of this bedroom ceiling 
Under the shelter of my roof