Mar 31

Published in The Voice?

Congratulations to these writers, photographers, and artists whose work is published in the April issue of The Voice!

Cover art: Eloise Silver Van Meter
Planted by happydancer; art by Eloise Silver Van Meter
Thoughts of the quarantined by LadyMidnight; art by Love to write
The colony by Isabelle Rose; art by laurenm
What I mean when I say I miss you by fire girl; art by SomethingRelated
Silent towns by PeachesMalone; art by knmarcotBut my skin starts to burn by serenamae2020; art by Crescent_Moon
That wasn't the plan by chloen; art by laurenm
Inanimate by Treblemaker; art by fitzgerg
I miss ... by E.B. Pointy-Pen; art by Crescent_Moon
Countdown by QueenofDawn; art by Ice Blink
The week of broken staircases by gaia_lenox; art by laurenm
Leaving home by dogpoet; art by laurenm
Solitude by Marina2020; art by Marina2020
My Little Seedlings by NinaEstrella; art by Inkpaw
Friendship by Everlasting Waves; art by Crescent_Moon
Cancelled by Kaya; art by laurenm
Magic sounds by Inkpaw; art by Inkpaw
You know what it's about by Icestorm; art by laurenm
Invention by Ulysses; art by cedar
On days like these by zazu; art by SomethingRelated
Sonnet for uncertainty by irishjayne; art by laurenm
A thank you to the world by Anna; art by Anna
Bright side by Crescent_Moon; art by Crescent_Moon
Event Date: 
Wednesday, April 1, 2020
About the Author: ywp
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