Mar 31

Out Of Reach

There is something hidden away inside me,
something strong and confident,
some tiny seed, just biding its time.
Something much deeper than all the doubt,
and the fear,
and the silence.
Something more than the worries,
and the loops my mind gets caught in.
I know its there,
I can feel it sometimes,
sturdy and steadfast.
And I can almost touch it,
almost get there,
but it remains just out of reach,
hidden in the fog
or lying on the other side of a veil.
I tell myself that if I can just keep going,
get through this one thing,
climb this last hill,
follow this one bend in the path,
that I will get there,
but I never quite do.
I keep going though,
sure that if I can just turn this next corner,
that I will finally have it.