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How I got lost and found my way back

Hi, my name is Allyssa. I have short red hair. I don't really like my hair long.  Anyways, I am going to tell you a story of how I got lost in the woods. So, here it goes. 

One day I was walking in the woods, so I could get some wood for a fire that my dad wanted to have. We always have bonfire 

in the Spring. I couldn't find any good wood in the front of the woods. The wood has to be dry in order to use the wood for a fire. Anyways, I had to go deep into the woods to get the wood. So, I went deeper until I finally found wood. I grabbed the wood but when I turned around I suddenly forgot how to get home. I was so scared that I dropped the wood on my foot. It hurt really, really bad. I fell back on the ground. I started crying really loud. Then I heard something in the bushes. It was my dad coming to look for me. He said  to me “You’ve been gone for about 6 hours and we were worried.” I then told him everything that happened. He then picked me up and carried me out of the woods. 

    When we got home, my mom hugged me tight. My mom had on a long pink dress and my dad had and shirt and long pants. Then, my dad put me down in a wooden brown chair. My mom asked what happened just like my dad did. I told her what happened too. She said to me “We  will go to the doctors in the morning. It’s time for bed now.”. So, My dad carried me to my bed. 

    The next morning, my mom took me to the doctors. 

        “Allyssa Parker, the doctor is ready to see you now” said the nurse.

        “Hello Allyssa.” said the doctor. 

        “Hi.” I said. 

        “So, I see that you dropped wood on your toe and need to get it looked at.” 

        “Yes.” I said.

    “Ok.” the doctor replied “Let's take a look.kay, so it looks like your toe is broken. You will need a cast on it for three weeks and you can not take the cast off.”

        “Okay. Thank you.” 

        “Your welcome. Bye.” 


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