Apr 02
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But It's all Just Imagined


       I can see  hands holding fast to each other, rather than to a glimmering penny. Feet walking united in a blithe ensemble, rather than standing on the shoulders of the anemic and frail. Heads held high on the shoulders of each different block in the mosaic of our breed's existence, rather than held high in the hands of the butcher. I can imagine no walls of predetermined prejudices dividing one from another. An open community of innocent hearts, young or old, male or female, straight or gay, we all live intertwined in this place where no hostility lives.
       But it is all just imagined. A place like this doesn't exist, none of us could live without having to have someone to oppress. We all are just trying to find ways to be better every day. Better than our past selves, better than each other. We are an arbritary race at best and would never abide in a place where the sky is blue every day, the grass is green, our existence content with sitting idly, simmering in our kindness and joy. Affection is seen as weakness, happiness as naive and immature. We are a community that thrives on hate. We would not survive without the heinous ability to crush one's hopes and dreams with a single word. These words, mind you, we made to only hurt and kill, if we could live together harmoniously, they wouldn't exist. We have assembled what could have been farm tools into weapons whose only purpose is to kill. If we were a peaceful race, we'd be satisfied without them. But we are a vehement, abhorrent species that continues to mutilate and annihilate anything and everything we know. So we can all keep imagining and hoping, but don't put all your money on us ever living in a place like this. 
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