Apr 02
poem 0 comments challenge: Belong

My Poem Hopes You Find a Home

To belong = To be the same

You are not a penny in a wallet,
waiting to be spent along with countless others.
All the same.

This poem may not reach many ears
so listen as hard as you can.
A line break does not signify a literal break.
As in a broken vase,
a broken heart,
or you are broke.

This is not a home if you already have one.
If you don't...
I will do my best to shelter you,
but I'm afraid this poem may not be enough.
If you were to try using this to keep you dry in a storm,
you would still end up soaked and shivering.
If you were to use this to try and pay your overdue bills,
you will still be kicked out of your home.
If you were to feed this to your children,
they would have approximately 2 calories to share between them.

This poem may not be the bird of hope you were expecting,
I did not intend it to be.
But I hope I am not forgotten
in the shanty corners of your home.
My poem hopes you find a home.
Your home = The world
About the Author: fire girl
" to choose to write is to reject silence" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie