Apr 03
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to my hometown

"Hey Mom, did you feel emotional the first time you drove in Sacramento? I did and I wanted to tell you, but we weren't really talking when it happened. All those bends I've known my whole life, and stores, and the whole thing. But I wanted to tell you. I love you." -Lady Bird, 2017

I felt emotional the first time I drove alone in my hometown. 
Watching all the stores and houses I'd passed by for so many years. 
The sun beaming on my skin as I blasted my favorite song from the CD player of my parents' car. 
I was driving to a friend's house on the other side of town. 
I could point out all the houses of my friends. 
The bakery I got my 7th birthday cake from.
The spot on the side of the road where I saw a man juggling once. 
The fading sign of my old elementary school. 
The library I've spend hours picking out books from.
The grocery store my mom always goes to. 
The pharmacy where my dad let me pick out some candy that one time.
I've never really thought of my hometown as being my hometown.
I've always just thought of it as the place I've spent my entire life. That's all.
It's not until I take a step back and see all the little memories I have interwined in every corner and on every street. 
It's funny to think how many people pass through my hometown each day without a second thought. 
To me, every crack in the sidewalk 
and broken sign
holds meaning. 
One day I'll pass through my hometown when I'm much older and look back on all the time I spent here. 
All the heartbreaking, bittersweet, and momentous memories I have here. 
I felt emotional the first time I drove through my hometown. 
And one day I'll pass through my hometown for the last time.