Apr 05

remembrance and bittersweet chocolate

melancholy smiles
and faded dreams
shattered pieces 
glued back together with the faint light of dawn
like feathers dancing around each other
circles spun out of mystery 
and hesitant glances
the music in my head 
makes me think of you
kisses on your forehead
but still you say that i'm your friend
paper airplanes
and tiny 
forgettable regrets
sad smiles
and eyes that wander farther than my face
peering curiously 
into who i am
hearts beating 
like little drums inside our chests
a symphony of life
that reminds me
how fragile I am 
and how much i want to be strong for you
wrapped up in a faded blanket 
the decrepit pieces of my life
fallen on the floor
as long as i have you to remember.