Apr 08


                 I’ve embraced the music that is blasting through my phone
       And I’m ok with darkness though do not leave me alone.
I’ve come to terms with seeing I have a dark side that I hide
       I’ve come to love my frizzy hair my wild lions pride.
                  And yes, I like my open heart, but it did take a while-
      But I cannot shut people out I’ve done that for a while.
I’ve embraced my hobbies and my lack of talents too,
      I’m awere my cooking skills need greatly to improve.
                  I’ve looked my future in the face, and whimpered at the knees
        But I’ve embraced the notion that one day I’ll have to leave
I have acknowledged all my doubts and left them by my side.
        I do not if they will go but why should I make them hide?
                I’ve sat here with myself a lot, my thoughts I didn’t shew
I’ve come to just embrace myself and now I feel brand new.