Apr 08


Putting a smile of my face,
Along with some mascara,
Everyday so I don't look like a crap,
Is tiring.
So the smile is gone,
And the mascara is messily put on,
In a hurry for my first video chat of the day.
I haven't changed in three days,
Why bother? 
Not like I'm going anywhere.
Crying into my pillow at night for some unknown reason,
And rubbing at the mascara because I didn't take it off earlier.
My hands seem to contsantly shake,
Even though I'm not nervous and I haven't had coffee for days.
Trying to do really good in school,
And having my mom push me harder.
I'm so compleatly out of it,
It's either a Monday or a Friday.
And all I'm thinking about,
Is everything.