Apr 09
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I know you....

    I walked down the isles of the grocery store. I picked up a box of cereal and put it in the cart. I looked at my shopping list. Only three more things. But I just couldn’t find the….

    And then I saw her. And she looked so familiar. With her long blond straight hair that hung halfway down her back. Her bangs that hung just to her eyelashes. And her startling blue eyes. They were like ocean blue but with a hint of the stormy sky. I walked closer to her pretend ending to look for something on the shelf. I picked up a box of pop tarts. I looked at the label. They were blueberry. Gross! I tossed them in the cart and peeked a glance over at her. She had a box of rice in her hand and looked like she was debating whether or not to get a different brand. 

    I pulled my cart around to face hers and blocked her path to getting out of the aisle. And then I went for it. 

    I stuck out my hand and said, “Hello. My name is Dan.” When she didn’t I said, “And you must be…”

    She stared at me with those ocean blue eyes. She was about quite a bit shorter than me so she had to tip her head far back to make eye contact with me. I smiled hoping to get her to tell me her name. 

    “What made you come up to me?” She asked curiously. 

    “I feel like I know you from somewhere. But I can’t put my finger on it.” I thought some more. 

    “I have never seen you in my entire life. Ever. But just because you were wondering my name is Gwen.” 

    “Thanks but I still feel like I know you from somewhere. Have we ever met before? Like in another store?” 

    “No. I have never met you but I have some things to do so if you’ll excuse me.” Gwen pushed around my cart.

    Hmmm I thought to myself. I definitely know her. And I know she knew me too. Maybe not in this life but definitely in another. And I had a feeling that we were close to. All I know is that I knew her and I was never going to forget her. Not in this life or any other life. 

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