Apr 10
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One day I was talking to my dad about what I was going todo about a problem that I had.  We talked it over. I remeber him listening to me very well but I wasen’t really listening to him.”He noticed this and decided to teach me a lesson. 

    The next time we talked he didn’t listen to me well. This made me mad. I tried to talk to him but he   didn’t listen. I got so mad I stomped off. I walked back into the kitchen where we were talking. I was so mad at him. I kept trying to talk but he kept on not listning.

    This was so annoying. I gave up trying to talk with him. I didn’t talk to him the rest of that day. The next day arrived. I went to talk to my dad again but he  still wasn’t listening to me. I got very annoyed. I decided that I wasn’t going to do this again today like yesterday. I just left him alone.

    The next day came I decided to try again. My dad listened to me. He said he was listing but, he was making it seem like he wasn’t. He was making me learn a lesson. From then on I listened to my dad. I listened to every detail and listned to evrything  he said. 



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