Apr 10
fiction challenge: Argument

The Mad Dragon Caper

Teacher, listen, give me a chance!
I'll explain what happened, as well as I can.
It's a pretty long story, so try to stay attentive
this explanation is long and inventive.

I finished my paper late last night 
and when I woke up I got quite a fright!
A dragon, enormous, with wings and claws
was holding my homework assignment in his jaws!

I leaped out of bed but I tripped on a book
and the dragon flew away with a very cheeky look.
I knew that the homework was due today
so I climbed out the window as he flew away.

Out on the roof, the wind was strong
and I knew very well that I wouldn't last long,
but that dragon, he had my homework
and was looking at me with an annoying little smirk.

I ran after the dragon, over the rooftop
I ran so fast that I couldn't even stop.
When I got to the edge I held in my fear
I jumped off the roof without any gear

I put out my hand and I grabbed the dragon's tail
but by now I knew I was destined to fail.
The dragon flew over the city and I
sucked in my breath and tried not to cry.

Finally, he landed in ​the park downtown
I let go of his tail and turned to him with a frown,
but I was too late he had chewed up my paper
and that was the end of my mad dragon caper. 

So, Teacher, that is my story, it's true
and I'm sorry that I don't have any homework for you,
but if you give me a chance, another day more
I'll get it done, and it'll be better than before!
About the Author: Crescent_Moon
"You don’t have to understand things for them to be.” — Madeleine L’Engle