Apr 10
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I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. NASA had chosen me for a space mission to Mars! Me, a 12 year old child, going to Mars! I was in space camp learning how to be an astronaut and this guy from NASA came and gave us all a quiz to see who was best fit for going on the space mission. The spacecraft being used was very small because all of the bigger spacecrafts were out on missions to other planets. The only other spacecraft that was available was the very small spacecraft and that could only hold a child. 

    The astronauts that already worked at NASA gave me a paper on how to operate the spacecraft. They said to read the paper and to study it because there would be a test on it later. I wasn’t listening to what the astronauts said, so I didn’t read the paper or study.  When it was time to do the test, I got all of the questions wrong because I didn’t listen to what the astronauts said. I was sent home and they chose the next person who got the best on the quiz. 

I saw on the news that the nexts person listened to the astronauts and was sent on the mission to Mars. I was wishing that I had listened and was the one to go to Mars.