Apr 10
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In the hush of the night there was a beautiful sight

A big black Babaloo dancing in the moonlight
She was hopping and skipping and jumping with glee

Until she saw something up in the tree
It was a Elaquail 

And you know what they say, 

An elaquail will sting you any time, any day.
It zipped through the night, a stinger on its butt

And it hit the Babaloo right in the gut.
“OW!” she cried, “What was that for?”

The elaquail laughed and went off to explore.
This made the Babaloo sad, so there she sat

Feeling bad about herself all because of some little gnat.
The sound of footsteps emerged from a tree

It was boy named Matt who was no more than three
He grabbed the Babaloos hand 

He might have been tiny, but the gesture was grand
The Babaloo was happy

She had made a friend

And she knew they would dance together till the night’s end. 

(Inspired by the person who’s stories put me to sleep every night, Dr. Seuss)
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