Apr 10

A Feeling That No Words Can Capture

Stacks of books
Colors and fonts
Many different sizes
Small, large
Paperback, hardcover
Adventures I’ve read
Some I have yet to discover
A series about love, war, and magic
A book about horror and murder
Another is the story of a school shooting
The next is a gay romance
A book that changed my life
And a book that broadened my perspective
These stories keep me going
Help me through darkness
Some are just a friend I need
They teach me to feel love, anger, and all that’s in-between
I get lost within them
And I always come out changed
Some are torn
Some have stains
Some are bent from the sheer amount of times I’ve read them
Their words are strung so beautifully
Even when describing terror
They are perfect
I find a piece of me in each one
And the feeling they give me is so much more than just happiness
It’s a feeling that no words can capture