Apr 13

Run, Fly, Love

The world is limited. 
You’re not. 
They impose restrictions.  
Restrictions are your second thought. 
Has anyone ever met you and thought you were normal? 
Cause if they have, they haven’t stepped a foot into your world. 
You’re unlike all I’ve ever seen. 
You’re a riddle to everyone and me. 
You’re wild. You're graceful. You’re strong. 
You’re something they all long for, but they could never hold on.  
They try to fit you in their narrow lines, but you can’t hide for long. 
You weren’t made for this world. 

Go explore every door.  
Open up. 
Chase the horizon.  
Learn to live, to laugh and to be young. 
Don’t you know you weren’t made to just waste your days away? 
There’s a life waiting for you. You're not supposed to be afraid. 
There are a million reasons for life. 
Go ahead and give it a try. 
So, go. Go look. Go hear. 
There are questions and answers if you’ll open your eyes and ears. 
Search, find and unlock your mind. 

See all you can do.  
But wait. 
See the possibilities.  
But then go home one of these days. 
What’s the point of running if you only run in circles? 
It’s not worth climbing mountains if they’re only pointless hurdles. 
See the world but don’t lose your sight. 
You’re not the only one here in this life. 
Listen. Do right. Don’t give up. 
Be bright but be the light this world’s in desperate need of. 
Run and fly but that’s not enough.