Apr 16
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Contact me the next time you think

One of those thoughts you have

Time goes too quick

For you to waste it

And you seem to know

Your time won't last much longer

Life isn't that great when you look at it

You tell me the reason you live

Is so your friends and family won't miss you when your gone

You care about everyone too much

But you can’t resist urges

To put lines in your smooth freckled skin

To feel something 

You tell me 

Life is hard

But is it really that hard?

You take everything so literally 

So call me back 

The next time you think

Life is a dull thing

And i’ll just tell you there's much to live for 

But is there really?

It seems everything would be better if you disappear

Because the world will keep spinning

Whether or not you are here

But see if i’m around another time

And maybe I can tell you how much I want to die too

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