Apr 16
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    Basketball #21. It’s always #21 no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Everyone thinks it’s funny, like not replacing your lucky shoes or not shaving your legs. I get on the court to warm up before practice, 21 crossovers, 21 jump shots, 21 layups, 21 foul shots, 21 three pointers. By the time I’m done with my warmups I see her, Taya, the only girl keeping me away from the varsity team.

 If I could just be better and work harder I would easily take her spot on varsity. I watch her warm up from the sidelines while I pound 21 dribbles into the floor on each side. She hits everything, not one miss. I start to feel like I have no chance of making varsity until I remember, I didn’t miss any shots either. I might have a chance.
Inspired by Tamara Ireland Stone’s every last word.