Apr 16
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quarentine part iii

right now, fear is summed up in eleven letters
i am still holed up in my house
waiting and watching and hoping
masks are commonplace
people stocking up on toilet paper
and food and gloves and purell sanitizer

millions unemployed
not knowing where they're going to get income
families stuck at home
trying in vain
to teach thier children
essential workers
fearing their health
but bravely helping countless others every day
going shopping is scary
seeing people behind plexiglass or masks or gloves
i am scared and wish things were different

and yet
what about people whose safest place is their school?
what about peoplewho don't have steady sources of food or shelter?
what about siblings who have to babysit their brothers and sisters while their parents work?
people say the goverment has got this under control
but what if you're not rich and don't live in a mansion?

politicians talk endlessly
about the effect of this on the economy
but what about the effect of this on people?
these people have chosen someone
they thought would help them in times of hardship
but all he cares about is power
and so we say
what about us?