Apr 17
poem 2 comments challenge: Belong
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    A world where all belong,
    A world that we all have wanted for so long, 
    A world that doesn’t separate the weak from the strong, 
    A world that won't ever happen, cause so many are just wrong.
    Some think they are better than others,
    They discriminate because they are bothered,
    By those that seem altered
    So they make sure they get smothered.

    But what if the rich all became nice?
    I think it would suffice,
    To let all live without mice,
    Or to have all stop rolling the dice.

    But some people just want to be better, 
    So they make sure others go in the gutter,
    All because they are bitter,
    All because those people differ.

    If only all were happy,
    And all were treated equal 
    Then all would be fine,
    In this world we live. 

    So try to treat all with decency,
    As they could treat you equally, 
    But that will never happen,
    Cause some just treat others like they don't belong.