Apr 17
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The miracle of picking yourself up

Swallowed under the waves
created by your deepest regrets,
you never went up for a single breath.
Tsunamis emerged from the worst parts of you,
shattering down towns nearby you.
The streets flooded with your tears,
tears made from the worst of your fears.
The bottom was dark, the waves restless,
and your shoulders sagged from an invisible weight.
You chose one day to break the surface.
Little by little, day by day, you went up
to feel the sun kiss your cheeks,
until it unfurled your toes
and directed your feet to the nearest shore.
Opening your eyes to the chaos that’d swept by,
you walked timidly to the nearest building
and fixed the first jagged crevice on the wall.
Though the waves called back for you,
pursuing you with the strongest of tides
to pull you under, you continued on
to mend the patches of the damaged towns
and rebuild a new foundation for yourself.
Inspired by Rupi Kaur, a phenomonal inspiration whose moving words have touched my soul.
“the world 
gives you 
so much pain
and here you are
making gold out of it

there is nothing purer than that"
- Rupi Kaur

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