Apr 18
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Sam Curtiss, age 12
Essex Junction


Week 33


I used to be a peasant in my community, poor, and  only allowed to prey on birds and swines. One day I was promoted and I grew to see the world around me and with this big world came something bigger, the  human society. First I was hungry and wanted lots of humans to prey on. So I went to a place where the most humans live, China. When I got there I started to prey on my victims and killed them. But the government didn't want this to be the end of their trading with the world, so they kept it a secret for a while. After a couple of months I got tired of chinese food and I wanted some pizza. So I went to Italy for their  amazing cuisine. I ate and I ate, killing as I went. I was not satisfied, I wanted more! So, I split, not into one but into many.

Now I was rich! I spread out over the world like a plague of locusts devouring everything in my path.  For two months I ravaged the earth leaving nothing behind. Then my food hid from my sight. The smartest ones started to call me a blight.  They gave me a name. The name was so ugly it did not match my regal state! I was glorious and beautiful, not repulsive and wrong. They said I was a pandemic.  I was Covid-19.
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