Apr 18


Pitch black 
Night owls stalk their prey
I sleep soundly 
Listening to the wonders of nature
My window wide open
Just as I like it
Loud beeping slices through the air,
I jump then tremble
Not sure whats happening
Panic seizes my chest
My phone on the bedside table lights up
It says, Alert, Alert, we are under attack
Bar your windows and lock your doors. 
The phone is exploding with texts
Messages repeatedly stating,
Let me in! Let me in!
I leap from my bed and try to run
But my legs are still asleep
I collapse on the floor in a heap
A cry escapes from my lips,
My eyes wander to the window
Still wide open
Suddenly a crash resounds outside
Deep throated growls
A gunshot
The scream of someone faced with death
The scream still echos in my head
Movement near my window snaps me out of it
A huge hairy hand grips my window sill
I grab my baseball bat
It lies forgotten under my bed
From last years season
Winding up I prepare to strike 
A hideous face appears above the hand
So ugly it’s indescribable
All I know is forever more I will have nightmares
At the last second our eyes meet 
Disturbing smile creeps on his face
Next thing I know 
The crunch of meatal and bone
Surround me
His limp body falls from the window
The creepy grin still splayed upon his lips
The reality of it all sets in and I scream
I scream for fear
I scream of panic
I scream of desperation
Moments later I hear footsteps pounding on the floor
Mom enters the room in her nighty
Sleep still lingers in her eyes
Confusion and fear are written upon her eye brows
Eyeing the bat tipped with blood in my hands 
She opens her mouth but nothing comes out
My voice is unable to work too
I grab my phone with shaking hands,
I push it in her face
Her eyes move back and forth as she reads
Panic etches on her face
I point a shaking finger at my window
Then at my bat
Reminances of blood on both
A new sort of fear rises in her eyes
She takes a step back
Away from me
Confusion clings to me
The I understand
She is scared… of me?!
I step toward her
Her mouth opens wide and she screams...