Apr 20
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how are you

When people ask ¨how are you?¨
I always respond with ¨good and you?¨
Not because we've all been brainwashed into a society where we're all supposed to be good and fine,
but because I can't bring myself to tell the person I'm responding to I don't trust them enough to tell them how my day is actually going.
Sure I tell my friends and family how my days going,
but what am I supposed to say when my dad's sister's friend's cousin asks how my day is going?
Should I tell them that I had lucky charms for breakfast?
Or that I'm contemplating getting out of this place because I see myself getting stuck here?
Obviously I wouldn't, that would be crazy. 
I don't know my dad's sister's friend's cousin, so why would I share how my day is really going?
Why do people call it hiding your feelings when you tell someone you're doing good even when you're not, but only because you tripped on the stairs that morning.
It just means that the person who asked is not on a need to know basis,
and you know that the small details of your life are insignificant to them because they're trying to grapple a life of their own.
So when strangers ask how am I,
I always respond with ¨good and you?¨