Apr 20
poetry challenge: CJP-Five

5 things.

syllables, letters
wind around my tongue 
and get stuck in my throat
but through my fingers does my voice stand strong
spread across my paper
my words are my strength. 

the feel of paint 
heavy on my brush 
spreading vibrance everywhere it goes
color is my boldness. 

not fitting into the mold
and expectations
placed upon my shoulders
i am not anything, but at the same time i am everything
qualities of either end of the spectrum of genders
weave their way into my life
i am who i make myself. 

the silence used to be my friend
but when i learned of how amazing the sound of laughter was
it became an enemy 
tossed aside for something better
but now. . .
i realize i need both
I've become very specific about who I spend my time with.

rhythmic beats
and melodies that get caught in your head
like a fish in a net 
lyrics that echo in my head
music is my therapy.