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Imagine having a place where everyone is accepted. Where skin isn’t defined by its color--somewhere where what you look like and who you love doesn’t matter. Regardless, you would still be welcome to the town. You might wonder if there are actually any places where everyone is accepted. Just think though, what if you were the one who created a place like that?
    If this were to happen, it would be a dream come true.  Everyone would be able to afford a house, pay bills, have enough room for everyone, and afford food and clothes. This is not a “one person” task, though. You will need thousands of people to build a place for everyone, it’ll take a whole community. You might tell yourself, “This is never going to happen.” If you tell yourself that, you’re right! It will never happen. Although, if you do believe, then it will become easier to construct somewhere everyone fits in. And YOU can be that start.


The peaceful smell of fresh air fills your lungs as you look out the window at the wide buildings that stand tall. 

“I’ll be back soon! I’m just going for a walk,” you say as you grab your grey, velvet jacket that hangs on the wooden, black hook, and you walk out the door. You hear a cheerful, “Sure!” as you skip out the door. 

The sidewalks and streets were just paved, the just-washed windows and doors on buildings are shiny and silver. The sun hits your back like a big boulder pushing you ahead. You cross the road cautiously and step onto the cold grass covered in dew from last night. Kids play at a playground to your left, while some adults sit outside on a deck chatting about jobs and stuff that children would think is boring. You can smell fresh food just coming out of the oven from a nearby restaurant. 

“Hey, Lucy!” one of your friends call.

“Hi, Sam!” you call back. You both walk toward each other and start talking about something exciting that is going to happen. All of a sudden, an interruption.

“Hello, guys! I’m new here. Can you tell me a little about this place?” a kid says. He looks like he’s around seven or eight years old. 

“Sure, Belongingsburg is a place where everyone is accepted no matter what!” You start to explain: “We can all afford houses, pay our bills, afford…” and then trail off. 

“Why don’t I just show you?” you say. You lead them to your favorite ice cream shop where you all order ice cream cones from a man with a smiling face. “See? Everyone is taken care of here.” After that, you all walk home together.
    So who knows, maybe you will be the one that creates a place where all are welcome, just through a simple act of kindness. Remember, don’t give hope. Keep on going! Try turning your town into a place where everyone can be themselves.
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